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 Ennis Mountain Woods, Inc.

292 Woodpecker Way
Afton, Virginia 22920
Voice: 540-471-9171
Fax: 815-301-9104
Internet: www.ennismountain.com
E-mail: ennismtn@gmail.com

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Decorative Accessories

Pictured in walnut and acrylic. Other woods available on request.

18"h X 12"w

Price $195. plus S&H

Bailey's Vases

Flower Vases

Weed or flower vases are available in a variety of sizes. Some can be hung on window or mirror glass. Others are meant to be placed on flat surfaces such as tables or window ledges. Pictured here are two representative sizes of approximately 3-6" height. Weed vases have a simple receptacle; flower vases include a glass water vial to keep your flowers fresh. All wood colors are natural, no stains are used. Dark, medium or light shades are available. Inquire for pricing on options not listed here.

3" Vase  BV-1
Price $7.50 plus  S&H

6" Vase BV-1L  
Price $15.00  plus  S&H

Bailey's Music Stand

Music Stand
Pictured in Bubinga & Birdseye Maple, this is a custom design that is adjustable to suit the musician's needs. Other woods can be substituted to suit your taste.

18"h x 30"/60"w x 18"/30"d

Price $800.  plus S&H.

Hand Mirror
Pictured in Walnut,
other woods can be substituted to suit your taste.

Hand Mirror Round M-3
 10.5"h X 5.5"w X .625"d
Price $34.00 plus  S&H

Pedestal Mirror (not shown)
22"h X 9.5"w X 5.75"d
Price  Cherry M4-C $145.00 plus S&H
Price  Oak M4-O $140.00 plus  S&H
Price Walnut M4-W $145.00 plus S&H

Pocket Mirror M-2  
.75"h X 2.5"w X 3.25"d
Price $12.00 plus  S&H

Stand Mirror
Pictured in walnut, tilt adjustable. Other woods available on request.

60"h X 20w X 24"d

Price $1750. plus S&H

Lotion Dispenser
Pictured in Walnut, other woods can be substituted to suit your taste.
The top portion is the listed wood, the lower .75" is always in walnut

Cherry Pump Dispenser PD1-C
Price $31.00 plus  S&H

Oak Pump Dispenser PD1-O
Price $31.00 plus  S&H

Walnut Pump Dispenser PD1-W
Price $31.00 plus  S&H

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